What Can We Do For You?

Here is a list of our services...
image Our primary mission is to provide the artists with amazing and reliable models. We have developed a unique methodolgy much appreciated by colleges who appreciate having a range of models over the duration of a course. We also act as a pressure group driving up the pay and conditions of life models who's costs are the same as a full time employee but are often only employed for a couple of hours at a time (shame on you Cardiff and Newport City Councils, the South Wales Universities and other life drawing session providers for continuing to pay well below the nationally agreed life model hourly fee).
  • Life Models for Colleges
  • Life Models for Artists
  • Performance Models
  • Life Models for Photographers
  • Life Models for Stags & Hens
  • Life Models for the Media
  • Drop In Life Drawing Sessions

Our Track Record

From one hour and a half session a week we have grown year on year into the largest provider of life models services in the UK. This success is due to the diligence and hard work of the models and Cardiff Life Models innovative approach to session planning. It is extremely rare for us to have a no show as we are a group and so cover each other if there is an issue. Tutors love us as they are not stuck with one model for years on end but have a variety of models to work with. Students love us as they fill thier portfolios with masses of figurative art drawn from many bodies.