About Us

Here's the bit where we talk a lot about ourselves...
image We are a group of life models who have been getting naked for artists for some time. Some are relatively new to life modeling and others have been working with classes for over fifteen years. We decided to form Cardiff Life Model Collective to attract more work, to promote healthy acceptance of the naked human form and to develop a peer network that could support and assist each others practice.

Supplying Models to Schools and Colleges
Much of our work is with colleges and as our reputation has grown we seem to have collected the whole South Wales set! Uni's have been a little more difficult a nut to crack, but we hope that they'll see the light and, one day, do the right thing for their students. You see, we see ourselves as a pressure group, acting collectively to improve pay and conditions for life models and experience for students...

As Seen On TV and filmed for Radio Website Clips
We are mostly based in Cardiff but will work throughout South Wales and the South West (and the anywhere in the world if the fee is right!). We have varied backgrounds and lifestyles and it is this individuality that provides the group with excellent dynamics and energy. Some of us have worked behind the camera and alongside production companies for some prestigious BBC and ITV pieces and we have been approached by various media to work for magazines, radio, theatre and TV. The photo on this page is Andy, the group coordinator. His bum was booked for a dance piece, an avant garde theatrical spectacle, at The Arnolfini Theatre in Bristol and for a 'Come Dine With Me' intro. His testicles have been booked by BBC Radio Cymru and 'Embarrasing Bodies'!

Life Drawing for Stag and Hen Parties!
We have developed a hilarious take on the life drawing experience, specifically aimed at the party animal. We'll sort a room or come to you and you get art materials, a tutor and a naked male or female. Guaranteed the most fun you have EVER had!

Creating 'Hippy Happenings' at Exhibitions
Feel free to enquire about booking us for your event, gallery opening, photo shoot... We're all relaxed when nude and so encourage others to be relaxed around us. From body art, to reflecting art on your walls to performance pieces or live statues, we'll give it a go...